HOW TO: Get Police Clearance in Cebu City

I got my police clearance today. I went there semi- prepared. I had some documents which I expected they would require but it did not suffice. For those who want to secure their police clearance in Cebu City, bring all the requirements to save time and money.

  • Address: Gorordo Avenue, Cebu City. (near CIC)

Requirements: Photocopy of Barangay Clearance

Photocopy of Birth Certificate

2 pcs 2×2 ID Picture

Cedula (the latest)

STEP: 1. Ask the police on duty and the entrance for the Police Clearance Issuing Office.

STEP: 2. Read the steps indicated which says:

  1. : Present your requirements at the counter and pay 45 pesos.This is for (Emply, D.S., C. fee). These are abbreviations which I do not understand.
  2. Fill out the form completely. Attach your 2×2 photos after filling out the form. At this stage, you are asked to pay 5 pesos for a tissue. (You’ll know why.)
  3. Approach the Criminology interns on duty. They would assist you how to do the finger printing. They even hold your hands which I find it very funny.Β  I joked “Mao ni inyong gi internan?”. πŸ˜› The intern defended himself seriously..”dili sad maam uy.. daghan mi lain buhat.”Β Β  Trust me, its very messy and dirty. This is the time to use the tissue.
  4. Submit it at the desk for final processing.

STEP 3. Wait You can get your Police Clearance the next day.

Note:Β  They have photocopying inside the compound. They only accept application until 4 pm. Bring a valid ID too. ID pictures are available at the small sari-sari stores outside.


You may share this article so many would be informed. πŸ˜›




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17 responses to “HOW TO: Get Police Clearance in Cebu City

  1. charess

    wow,45pesos lang ang ibinayad mo.dito sa amin 300+ ang police clearance fee….

  2. yeaaah! thanks Miss D. πŸ™‚

  3. Sky

    Great post! Super helpful! :)) By any chance, do you know how much it cost to get a Postal ID and how many days does it take to get the ID?

  4. dick e.bustamante

    i read your post all your documents.come with me my need police clearance,you need me instead..min in sweden

  5. jill solon

    hi! i have one question, do they return your documents?

  6. jill solon

    i just got my police clearance at lapu-lapu police office, and they kinda have a different process. it’s much similar to getting an nbi clearance. no need to bring a 2×2 picture, coz they will take a digital photo of you. requirements are; original and photocopy of the following: barangay clearance and cedula, and the official receipt which is paid in the treasurer at the city hall – P35. it’s a very quick process, only takes about an hour.

  7. Handy info. Magbalik2x unta ko camp sotero if I haven’t come across this. Nice.

  8. bianca

    thanks for the info. wa jud ky idea what to bring jud. Good thing i thought of searching it to the internet and i saw your blog. Thanks so much.

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